About Us

Palatec Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1990 for the primary purpose of manufacturing wooden pallets for the middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama market. The need for a separate location to produce the wood necessary to furnish our new and growing company was realized in 1992. That need brought an opportunity to begin producing hardwood pallets along with Kiln Dried Pine. Hardwood has become our staple in the pallet industry as 90% of all our pallets are constructed form Group IV hardwoods. In 1994 Palatec Mfg. Inc. introduced customers to a reconditioned pallet to lessen the cost of their pallet needs since lumber prices were continuing to rise. In the year 2000 Palatec became an entirely family owned business and still is today. The vision of teaching young people the value of work ethics and the foresight of a future in the pallet business continues to be a driving force in our company.

Today we ship new and reconditioned pallets within a 200 mile radius and ship an average of 18,000 pallets per week or 35-40 truckloads per week.

Also, in 2000 we also began our own trucking firm to be able to ship to our customers on time without depending on outside trucking firms.

We specialize in automotive pallets for suppliers for Honda, BMW, Toyota , Nissan, Tesla , GM, Ford and VW. Our company operates as a team where people work together for common goals and mutual benefit for our customers. Our team approach will benefit our customers, our community and especially our Team Members. For our customers, the team approach will support our vision of becoming the most efficient manufacturer of new and reconditioned pallets . The pallets we provide our customers will be of the highest quality, at the lowest possible cost, and will be delivered on time. For our community, we take pride in sponsoring as many community events as possible with an emphasis on our youth activities for school and outside of school. Only a successful company can truly benefit the community. For our Team Members, the team approach enables everyone to be involved in matters that affect us at Palatec Manufacturing Inc. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to our objectives and to the success of the Company.
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